Sunday, 15 May 2011

Portfolio Visit - Susan Kane

My second visit was with Susan of Calico Angel. Andrea Lord who introduced us to her as she recommended her as being some body we would benefit from speaking too. She works as an agent for freelance surface designers as well as produce her won work where she sell mainly overseas to America and Japan. She has a studio in the craft center where she sells arrange of different home wears and furniture that she creates.

Her feedback on my work was very similar to that of Andrea Lords and was as follows:

- Very well presented portfolio

- Professional layout and easy to follow

- The 3D element to you work is very creative

- Strong graphic style works well with the sophisticated colour choices

- Really strong progression throughout the portfolio

- Fine detailed and structures are complimented by space well

- Good commercial qualities to designs

- Important to show how the design would be on a product with visualizing like you have, this is very important when selling work.

- The consistency through the portfolio is strong, all holds together well and flows smoothly showing a range of different outcomes.

All together she was very pleased with work both my self and my classmate Lauren showed her. We then went on to discus how we both plan on working together in which she would recommend as she says working in collaboration can be very exciting. She could see how are work would fit together well too. She then explained how she was looking to take on some new freelance designers to her team and after viewing our portfolios and pleased with the standard of them and meeting us that’s she felt we would be appropriate and offered us the opportunity to work with her selling to overseas companies. This was very flattering and pleasing to now that I had been able to produce designs to industry standard and be offered the opportunity to make money from them. This was something I am going to follow through with after I graduate as Susan suggested that we should contact her after our course is finished.

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