Friday, 13 May 2011

portfolio visit - Andrea Lord

This first of my portfolio visits was with Andrea Lord of &Made. Her studio is in the northern quarter and she produces a range of products from cushions, gift cards and embroidered ornaments. I choice her as a suitable person to visit for many reasons; the first being she is a designer maker which is where I see my self fitting into the industry, her products have a unique style yet remain commercial which is something I want to build on. Also her studio in the Manchester craft center is exactly how I picture myself to be working in around 5 years time and her being only new to the industry and doing so well after 2 years felt she would be appropriate for advice and guidance in the field. He feedback on my work was as follows;

- Exciting finished pieces, good choice of different product makes work individual.

- Strong contemporary colour palettes. Defiantly suited o the stationary markets with graphic style.

- The fine detailed showed consideration in the design and could be brought into products more to give them uniqueness.

- Very sophisticated patterns and its shows talent when applying this to different areas.

- Drawings are very beautiful and are adaptable.

- The portfolio shows good progression and a unique style

- It’s been put together professionally and the branding with the nametag is extremely important and shows good style when showing work to people in the industry.

Altogether the feedback was really positive and she said she dint really have anything negative to say about it. Although she did offer some advice as to try and apply designs to as many appropriate products as u can as this can create a more visually exciting product range. She recommended working as a collaboration as she could see me and my class mate both suited. After this visit I defiantly feel more confident in my work and how to approach people and the questions I need to ask to gain the knowledge that I feel appropriate to after I graduate.

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