Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Ritta Ikoney


December the 7th, i was lucky enough to

attend a visiting le

cture in college by Riita Ikonen, a London based

artist from Finland.

She is an illustration graduate

but work mainly collaborating with other artists and photogra

phers to create much m

ore exciting and dynami

c, 3D and performance artwork. I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture she gave, it was very motivating and her enthusiasm for her work, and in life, showed through in the quality of her what she produce. Riita encouraged creativity of all kinds and as she dint take her self to seriously, she put 110% in to everything she did. Like many other artists she is inspired by nature an this is a fundamental factor in her work. I feel that being so inspired and driven by something leeds to success and make me more determined to start my next project with a good body of primary research.

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