Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Portfolio Visit

My second portfolio visit was with Lush designs company, also an in house designer at cockpit arts. There feed back was just as influential as my previous visit yet due to the event being busy i wasn't able to spend as much time with her going over my portfolio. Despite this she did give me brief feedback that was as follows

- Lovely drawing skills nice shapes would work well as wallpaper

- Colours are beautiful together maybe try to build on this making them more vibrant and individual colour choices.

- good commercial designs yet still hold individuality which is a good skill to have, work on drawing skills to push designs further

- Dont get disheartened with the design process, sometimes it takes it to be put into manufacture on a product to be happy with the outcome and see it in 3D

- recommended getting into producing own products as its is limitless and would work really well with what i have produced so far

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