Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Portfolio Visit

During my visit down at Cockpit Arts i was able to have a portfolio visit with Jen Rowland a surface pattern designer who's studio is in the Depford Build of Cockpit Arts Studio.

Her feedback was very good from a commercial perspective she said my designs would sell well in outlets such as paper chase. she then went on to compliment my sophisticated eye for colour and layout in designs. she encouraged the use of more drawings and to develop drawing skill to make designs different and build of the interesting elements rather than repeating similar repeats and motifs. The idea of appealing pattern to product was something she was greatly fond of and said the idea of designing a fence was really individual and makes me stand out, she advised that the mug design in my portfolio was one of the strongest designs i had shown her and said its because shows more individual style and personality. THe most positive feedback she gave me was she assessed my floral drawings and sketch book work saying i had a lovely drawing skill capturing lines and shapes in a unique way.

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