Sunday, 19 December 2010

Karen Little

Karen Little, of Little Designs came to view are exhibition spaces and give feedback on our Negotiated project today. Karen has a large capacity if knowledge in the design field as she has work with many large retailers and studios throughout her career.

We were asked to do a short 10 minute presentation explaining Negotiated Brief, our thoughts and processes, our strengths and areas of weakness. I felt I had a lot of work to evaluate and i have experienced both a lot of positives and negatives throughout my project that I was happy to present and discuss with Karen. I began talking to her through my brief, the initial drawing stages going into the digital designs, and then how I had imagined to lead into the second half of my brief where I originally thought would be the stronger one. karen instantly replied in relation to this saying thats its good to have such an ambitious brief and the drive to succeed showed through in myself and my work from what she had first seen. I then talked about how i had been disappointed with the result of the second part of my work and had found my first part more enjoyable and successful. She and I both agreed that my designs were both commercial yet had a uniqueness that came from my drawings and theme boards. As i presented my experiments to her and my feelings towards this part of the project she had agreed that this wasn't as exciting as the first yet told me not to be so negative about my findings. Although they mite not have worked doesn't mean the whole project wasn't successful, she told me to see the positives on what i had found out and build on those. she was pleased with my exhibition space and that my lampshades were visual exciting and i had a good sophisticated sense of colour.

All in all I found the presentation with Karen very useful and motivating after a stressful and at some points frustrating projects. Her feed back was all positive and she encouraged me to stick with what i found more enjoyable and keep pushing the idea of print on lampshades, making them more unique and sophisticated so they represent my style more so and make my portfolio stand out from others.

finished Products

Exhibition Space

Today I finally managed to finish my exhibition space. After a stressful weeks i was defiantly pleased with the outcome. It took a lot longer than i first thought it would but luckily i had allowed time for this so it dint disrupt any of my other work as i had finished the majority of it before hand. this is something i will defiantly try to do in my next project as it allows more more time and freedom to present my work in the most exciting way.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Ritta Ikoney


December the 7th, i was lucky enough to

attend a visiting le

cture in college by Riita Ikonen, a London based

artist from Finland.

She is an illustration graduate

but work mainly collaborating with other artists and photogra

phers to create much m

ore exciting and dynami

c, 3D and performance artwork. I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture she gave, it was very motivating and her enthusiasm for her work, and in life, showed through in the quality of her what she produce. Riita encouraged creativity of all kinds and as she dint take her self to seriously, she put 110% in to everything she did. Like many other artists she is inspired by nature an this is a fundamental factor in her work. I feel that being so inspired and driven by something leeds to success and make me more determined to start my next project with a good body of primary research.

Lush Designs

Lush Designs was created by two friends Maria Livings and Marie Rodgers, who studied painting and printmaking together. They have since created their business
while working in the thea
ter production and
community arts. They create quirky colorful prints of character illustrations, and this has then been been applied to a range of home wares , many of which are made in house at their studio at Cockpit Arts.

There designs are purely spun from their own drawings and illustrations and are what makes them so unique and eye catching. This is defiantly something i am goin to bring into my work in the future in order to make my designs and products sell well.

Portfolio Visit

My second portfolio visit was with Lush designs company, also an in house designer at cockpit arts. There feed back was just as influential as my previous visit yet due to the event being busy i wasn't able to spend as much time with her going over my portfolio. Despite this she did give me brief feedback that was as follows

- Lovely drawing skills nice shapes would work well as wallpaper

- Colours are beautiful together maybe try to build on this making them more vibrant and individual colour choices.

- good commercial designs yet still hold individuality which is a good skill to have, work on drawing skills to push designs further

- Dont get disheartened with the design process, sometimes it takes it to be put into manufacture on a product to be happy with the outcome and see it in 3D

- recommended getting into producing own products as its is limitless and would work really well with what i have produced so far

Jen Rowland

Portfolio Visit

During my visit down at Cockpit Arts i was able to have a portfolio visit with Jen Rowland a surface pattern designer who's studio is in the Depford Build of Cockpit Arts Studio.

Her feedback was very good from a commercial perspective she said my designs would sell well in outlets such as paper chase. she then went on to compliment my sophisticated eye for colour and layout in designs. she encouraged the use of more drawings and to develop drawing skill to make designs different and build of the interesting elements rather than repeating similar repeats and motifs. The idea of appealing pattern to product was something she was greatly fond of and said the idea of designing a fence was really individual and makes me stand out, she advised that the mug design in my portfolio was one of the strongest designs i had shown her and said its because shows more individual style and personality. THe most positive feedback she gave me was she assessed my floral drawings and sketch book work saying i had a lovely drawing skill capturing lines and shapes in a unique way.

Cockpit Arts

cockpit arts is a social enterprise that houses a number of different creative businesses in the heart of the capital city. There a two sites and have several studios in both that are opened up to the public around 4 times a year for open studio events. having such a wide range of businesses there added to the general buzz about the place there was so much creative energy and friendly attmospher with everything unique and individual.
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