Sunday, 10 October 2010

Utility Theme

"The global financial crisis, natural catastrophes, a surfeit of products and information are causing people to pause to think about and reflect on their current lifestyle. Nowadays, a decisive factor in purchasing decisions is the consideration about what is really important. Consumers are sick of design for design’s sake,Utility stands for simplicity, accessibility and an invitation to use.

Products marketed aggressively in glossy brochures are being replaced by the untreated and fundamental. Designed for everyday use, Utility products give greater meaning to their relationship with the user and suggest a longer lifespan. The pure, modest and unadorned are celebrated
. "

As in my earlier work, i'm always drawn in my muted grays and subtle colour palates so was immediately excited but this utility theme on the hiemtex website. Although i have been looking to move away from repeating my self and bring in new flavors to my work, i feel the spot colours, the bright reds and yellows, give the colour palette in this theme extra life and add depth to it. If i use this when creating my won colour palette i feel it will make my work stand out more and improve the level of my designs compared to earlier.

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