Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Julia Fraia

I fell in love with this lady's work. Julia Farrel is a Portuguese designer who creates patterns that have been applied to a variety of products similar to what I aspire to do. her vibrant colour palette is so eye catching and something i feel i need to bring into my work in my final major project. Her primary research in vital in what makes her patterns so unique and is a good example of how this is a key factor in making a successful career in design. She has taken a large amount of pictures from day to day life in the urban environment and produced a geometric yet fluid series of deigns called short Circuit. Her prints are then printed using water based inks onto 100% cotton to make her cushions which would look stunning in a contemporary setting. I have taken a lot form looking at Julia as a designer and the standard of her work. I admire her work and think its will encourage me to produce a string body of primary research throughout my projects and in later life.

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  1. Hi Naomi!

    I only found your post today. So even late, I`d like to thank you for it. I was very happy reading what you had to say about my work. It is very important for me that it managed to inspire someone else`s work.

    Julia Fraia


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