Monday, 18 October 2010

Debbie A. Lord

Monday the 18th of October, Debbie Lord freelance interior furnishing designer, presented a lecture to my self and class mates at college. She began her creative career early and studied a B-TEC in surface pattern design at stockpot college similar to what Degree I'm doing there now. From there she progressed onto a HND corse at Cleveland college. During which time she worked with Skopos doing an in house placement. Like my self she contacted several design studios around the northwest in order show her portfolio an gain feedback. Despite only hearing back from 5 studios, she advised that this s a vital part of our corse an that will get our foot out in the door, so don't give up because there is always some one out there that will help. Additionally Debbie was then offered a job as an fashion design studio contacted her tutor after she had been on a portfolio visit.

After working as a a surface designer in fashion at Derby House Fabrics, and then joining the creative team at Tom Lewis Studios doing bedding and interior furnishings, Debbie has now settled into her role as a freelance designer working from home in connection with Pure Studios.

Debbie's 10 top tips to being a good designer

- Make sure you have enough content in your designs in order to attract a lot of people, and so they stand out form the rest.

-Less is More, you can overload a design and it becomes to fussy. Buyers what a perfect design the first time round ad want pay for alterations or extra time.

-Colour is everything. Not to bright, not to dark or two many or to few, 12 colours os the most you should use for those more expensive designs.

-Its all in the detail. Bring something new to your designs to make them stand out.

-Size matters sometimes, You limited to cal depending on the rollers the design will be printed with. It is vitaly important that the designs fit the restrictions.

-Marketing, think about who your customers are what there budget might be an where in the market it will be sold.

-Stick to sizes

-Make sure you are cost effective, if your working in a studio you must be worth your salary, if your not selling designs your not designing well.

- Maximum of 12 colours.

-Most importantly never copy a design. Avoid copywriting at all cost. use something as a starting pint but make it your own.

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