Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Julia Fraia

I fell in love with this lady's work. Julia Farrel is a Portuguese designer who creates patterns that have been applied to a variety of products similar to what I aspire to do. her vibrant colour palette is so eye catching and something i feel i need to bring into my work in my final major project. Her primary research in vital in what makes her patterns so unique and is a good example of how this is a key factor in making a successful career in design. She has taken a large amount of pictures from day to day life in the urban environment and produced a geometric yet fluid series of deigns called short Circuit. Her prints are then printed using water based inks onto 100% cotton to make her cushions which would look stunning in a contemporary setting. I have taken a lot form looking at Julia as a designer and the standard of her work. I admire her work and think its will encourage me to produce a string body of primary research throughout my projects and in later life.


Hi Naomi,
Thats fine. Thanks for letting us know.

> Dear Angela,
> unfortunately due to a minor car accident im unable to attend my shift
> tomorrow as i'm to wait in for my car to be picked up for repairs an they
> haven't stated a time there coming to collect it. Sorry for any
> inconvenience and hope everything runs smoothly. hopefully i will be able
> to attend my shift on thursday as normal but will contact you again if
> there are any changes. Best of luck with everything
> Naomi Obbard
>> Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 14:15:46 +0100
>> Subject: Set up for the Great Northern..
>> From: angela@greatnorthernevents.co.uk
>> To: lmlrichards183@hotmail.com

Hi Angela

Thanks for emailing back, Yes i would Be more than willing to volunteer again, iv attached the form with the dates I am available thanks

Speak to you soon

Kind Regards

Naomi Obbard

> Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 19:35:18 +0100
> Subject: The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair 2010
> From: info@greatnorthernevents.co.uk
> To: aelizabethmann@yahoo.co.uk
> Thanks for volunteering for last years event. We are currently recruiting
> for this year and wondering if any of you are mad enough to do it again,
> bearing in mind how grumpy we were and how we promised you a thank party
> that never materialised!!! Sorry.
> If not but you know others who may be please do forward on this email.
> Thank you
> Angela and Ann-Marie
> We are looking to recruit volunteers who have an appreciation and
> understanding of contemporary craft and/or want to gain experience in
> event organisation for this major event in Manchester.
> The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair will bring together 160 of the
> most innovative and influential designer-makers in the UK to showcase the
> finest works of contemporary craft creating an inspirational mix of
> ceramics, glass, textiles, jewellery, metal, wood, furniture and more.
> We are looking for volunteers to help set up and staff the event in
> October. Volunteers will need to be available to help between Wednesday
> 20th – Sunday 24th October 2010 but not necessarily every day. Each day
> will be split into two shifts and we would expect volunteers to sign up
> for at least 2 shifts, preferably more. Duties will include helping
> exhibitors unload and set up their stands, assisting exhibitors staff
> their stands, looking after exhibitors throughout the event as well as
> helping visitors with enquiries, reception duties, credit card facilities,
> selling catalogues, staffing the cloakroom etc. We will endeavour to
> rotate volunteers so they gain a wide variety of experience in different
> areas of staging this event.
> In the run up to the event we will also be recruiting volunteers to help
> with administration and other tasks. Many of these jobs are computer based
> and so access to a computer is important.
> All expenses will be paid and you will be given free entry to the Fair. If
> you can spare a few hours and are interested in helping make The Great
> Northern Contemporary Craft Fair at Spinningfields 2010 a success please
> email us with your contact details and we will sendyou a volunteer
> questionnaire.
> info@greatnorthernevents.co.uk
> Ann-Marie Franey & Angela Mann
> The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair
> 21st-24th October 2010
> Spinningfields, Manchester
> http://www.greatnorthernevents.co.uk
> Great Northern Events (NW) Ltd
> 23 Belfield Rd
> Didsbury
> Manchester
> M20 6BJ
> Mob: 07973 574735

Monday, 25 October 2010

Elizabeth Prince

After receiving from Arts Hub UK advertising There was an advert for a studio assistant in a ceramics workshop for one day a week. i decided to contact the designer maker who

Hi Naomi,

thank you for applying for the position of ceramicist's assistant.
I'm sorry, but the position is temporarily being postponed, because I have suddenly got much more work than I planned for, and feel it would be a bad time to take someone on for the role, as I may not have the time to ensure that you got the best from the experience. I hope to reconsider this position, and take someone on in the future once things have calmed down a little here! With this in mind, I will keep your details unless you have any objections to that.
Thank you for taking the time to get in touch, and best wishes,

> Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2010 19:31:45 +0000
> From: n-o-b-b-a-r-d@hotmail.com
> To: disconinja@hotmail.co.uk
> Subject: Form submission from [Elizabeth Prince] - [Contact] - [Contact form 1]
> date:
> 2010-10-18
> time:
> 19:31:45
> Your email address:
> n-o-b-b-a-r-d@hotmail.com
> Subject:
> Ceramicist's assistant - Volunteer
> Message:
> in reply to your advertisment on arts hub, i would like to offer my services as a volunteer. Im a 3rd year student at Stockport studing Surface Design and am therefor in the midle of creating my creative portfolio and CV so was un able to attch one to your reply on the website but i am more than happy to send example of my work to you. I have worked with other designer makers such as Jenny Bland, who specializes in lighting. And have volunteered for the Great Northern Contemporary Craft fair previoulsy. I would be more than happy to help around yur studio in order to gain experience and hope to here back from you soon
> Kind Regards
> Naomi Obbard
> http://naomiobbard.blogspot.com
> 07789586072

Monday, 18 October 2010

Debbie A. Lord

Monday the 18th of October, Debbie Lord freelance interior furnishing designer, presented a lecture to my self and class mates at college. She began her creative career early and studied a B-TEC in surface pattern design at stockpot college similar to what Degree I'm doing there now. From there she progressed onto a HND corse at Cleveland college. During which time she worked with Skopos doing an in house placement. Like my self she contacted several design studios around the northwest in order show her portfolio an gain feedback. Despite only hearing back from 5 studios, she advised that this s a vital part of our corse an that will get our foot out in the door, so don't give up because there is always some one out there that will help. Additionally Debbie was then offered a job as an fashion design studio contacted her tutor after she had been on a portfolio visit.

After working as a a surface designer in fashion at Derby House Fabrics, and then joining the creative team at Tom Lewis Studios doing bedding and interior furnishings, Debbie has now settled into her role as a freelance designer working from home in connection with Pure Studios.

Debbie's 10 top tips to being a good designer

- Make sure you have enough content in your designs in order to attract a lot of people, and so they stand out form the rest.

-Less is More, you can overload a design and it becomes to fussy. Buyers what a perfect design the first time round ad want pay for alterations or extra time.

-Colour is everything. Not to bright, not to dark or two many or to few, 12 colours os the most you should use for those more expensive designs.

-Its all in the detail. Bring something new to your designs to make them stand out.

-Size matters sometimes, You limited to cal depending on the rollers the design will be printed with. It is vitaly important that the designs fit the restrictions.

-Marketing, think about who your customers are what there budget might be an where in the market it will be sold.

-Stick to sizes

-Make sure you are cost effective, if your working in a studio you must be worth your salary, if your not selling designs your not designing well.

- Maximum of 12 colours.

-Most importantly never copy a design. Avoid copywriting at all cost. use something as a starting pint but make it your own.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Rosanna Inc

Rosanna Inc, specialise in creating designs for tableware.This Seattle based company sell all around the world an has grown massively over the years. They supply gorgeous classic yet contemporary designs on ceramic table where in the richest colours. This area is defiantly something i want to explore as an option to applying my designs and patterns to products.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Retro Print Revival

I immediately fell in love with these fantastic vibrant lampshade after researching lighting products. There made using old retro vintage fabrics from the 1960's to the 1980's. They give off the most gorgeous glow from the rich colours and each one is unique. The idea of making my own lamp shade is something iv had for a while and am going to explore in my negotiated brief. Iv recently been gathering information about different lighting materials such as backing laminates and wire frames in order to make my own and i hope they have the same affect as the dazzling retro shades.

Claesson Koivisto Rune


Claesson Koiviston Rune are a stockholm based Swedish Design company. I love the silhouetted shaped and linear aspect the there designs. There range of products is vast dome chairs and carpet, to flooring and blinds. They pay a lot of attention to the high quality finish of there work combined with using the best quality materials aiming there product to the more wealthy customers. The standard of their designs and products something to strive towards.

Carina Sohl

Carina sohl is a designer maker who primarily works with leather. she creates beautifully hand embossed leather floral patterns applied to a variety of products. She again is another sophisticated swedish designer maker who's silhouette designs i feel are very strong and work well with the texture of leather. She uses leaves of raspberry plants near here home t emboss the leather. these leave have a simple shape which works well as a silhouette but its complemented by with the juxtaposition of the texture they create when embossed in the leather.


These camouflage coat hangers designed by Frost Design, a Swedidh based product design company, are very young and cool yet still high quality and maintain the sophisticated style associated with swedish designers.


Utility Theme

"The global financial crisis, natural catastrophes, a surfeit of products and information are causing people to pause to think about and reflect on their current lifestyle. Nowadays, a decisive factor in purchasing decisions is the consideration about what is really important. Consumers are sick of design for design’s sake,Utility stands for simplicity, accessibility and an invitation to use.

Products marketed aggressively in glossy brochures are being replaced by the untreated and fundamental. Designed for everyday use, Utility products give greater meaning to their relationship with the user and suggest a longer lifespan. The pure, modest and unadorned are celebrated
. "

As in my earlier work, i'm always drawn in my muted grays and subtle colour palates so was immediately excited but this utility theme on the hiemtex website. Although i have been looking to move away from repeating my self and bring in new flavors to my work, i feel the spot colours, the bright reds and yellows, give the colour palette in this theme extra life and add depth to it. If i use this when creating my won colour palette i feel it will make my work stand out more and improve the level of my designs compared to earlier.


Transforming Perspectives Theme

"A dark plum-blue provides the dominant background for both an artificial lavender shade and a dove-grey with a violet shimmer. Important features are emphasised in a caramel shade with a metallic-brown gleam."


Similar to the mix match theme i found earlier, what drew in my attention was the unique combination of colours.

Surprising Empathy Theme

"The dominant colour is a cold grey, accompanied by ash grey and black and brightened up with vibrant dashes of citrus yellow and mandarin orange. A light taupe mediates between grey and white and adds a little softness to the colour scale."


Found when researching future trends for inspiration, this delicate colour palette is well balanced and very feminine. i feel this ill give my designs another quality and show a diverse range in my work that will appeal to w hider audience/market proving my commercial design skills.

Mix Match Theme

Heimtex website has a sneaky peak at the up and coming trends for 2011 interior furnishing products. and after lacking inspiration for colour in my current work the MIx Match theme caught my eye straight away and was just what i was looking for. Something new and vibrant is what has been lacking in my work, the contrasting mix of colours will give my design work that extra pizazz.
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