Sunday, 26 September 2010

Tent London

As part of my Origin ticket, i was able to visit Tent London on Brick lane just around the corner. However I was by far less pleased with this event compared to Origin. The venue, an old warehouse, was unique and spacious and could have been used well to exhibit work, however there was a lot of confusion about the place, there was no great organisation an a lot of people jus hovering around trying to work out where to go. The first section to the show that i worked through was very bare an minimal, the work was more about innovative ideas in the design industry, focusing of creative ideas. to me this was uninspiring as i am more interested in the hand made craft side of the creative industry and how start your own business doing something i enjoy created products for the commercial market. The exhibitors them selves were un approachable and weren't interested in talking to us as visitors. I was made to feel beneath a lot of people there an this was something i felt uncomfortable with.

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