Thursday, 30 September 2010


Radiance Lighting is the beautiful shopped owned by Hannah Nunn who i spoke about in the previous post. its place neatly between Manchester and Leeds in a small town called Hebden Bridge. Iv yet to visit the shop my self but have been following both Hannah Nunn's personal blog and Radiance Blog too. Its not only is an outlet for Hannah to sell her work through, but she also sells many other lighting designer makers too. The shop can be viewed on its website and looks like a fantastic vibrant place to pop in. All the products are gorgeous and beautifully made. I hope to some day contact Hannah as her many years experience in the industry of making and selling lighting products will be of much use to me during my negotiated brief.

Hannah Nunn

Hannah Nunn creates the most beautiful and delicate hand cut paper lampshades. She's been working in the arts and craft industry for sometime and has found her place within the lighting sector opening her own shop. Her designs are simple and elegant and take inspiration from nature. seeing how the silhouetted shapes in her designs work well with the paper and light shining through encourages me to explore taking my designs further into lighting products.

Monday, 27 September 2010

100% Design

After attending both Origin and Tent London in one day, by the time i had travelled on the underground ,for what felt like he 50th time, to 100% Design i was some what tired and a little un enthusiastic as i had been early on.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Tent London

As part of my Origin ticket, i was able to visit Tent London on Brick lane just around the corner. However I was by far less pleased with this event compared to Origin. The venue, an old warehouse, was unique and spacious and could have been used well to exhibit work, however there was a lot of confusion about the place, there was no great organisation an a lot of people jus hovering around trying to work out where to go. The first section to the show that i worked through was very bare an minimal, the work was more about innovative ideas in the design industry, focusing of creative ideas. to me this was uninspiring as i am more interested in the hand made craft side of the creative industry and how start your own business doing something i enjoy created products for the commercial market. The exhibitors them selves were un approachable and weren't interested in talking to us as visitors. I was made to feel beneath a lot of people there an this was something i felt uncomfortable with.


On the 23/09.2010, along with a few class mates i took the train down to london for the London Craft Fair, Origin. It was situated in Old Spitafields Market
, one of London’s finest Victorian market halls set in an historic location in the heart of the City. The surroundings were so exciting and beautiful, with lots off gorgeous fashion and interior shops, as well as a selection of pretty cafes and classy bars. The craft fair its self was also nicely presented and well organised giving a very commercial feel to the fair, unlike others i have attended before that don't have the same status and high quality level of exhibitors like Origin. Despite the professionalism, There was a friendly and happy vibe to the place which was very warming. The majority of the exhibitors were friendly and welcoming. This positive buzz about Origin defiantly made me consider exhibiting here in the future as an option. It had been advertised well and the visitors were all very interested in the textile, craft industry which would be good for business and make exhibiting there worth while.

Each Exhibitor had a well sized stall that was all white and consisted of 2 to 3 large walls. The stall that i felt worked best were the larger corners as there work was easily viewable and the stalls didn't get as crowed as others. I found That some exhibitors Had over crowed their stall with work and the quality of it became lost in the chaos of the display. those who took a more simple approach more much more appealing and complimented the work so much nicer. One thing that stood out to me and was of upmost importance was how nearly almost all of the exhibitors applied there craft in several areas. For example they would apply there work too wall coverings, stationary, textile garments and other things. After to speaking to several exhibitors and finding out that most of them also had another income other that their craft it became apparent that they had to apply there craft in not just ways that they wished too, but those that were more commercial and will sell well. All in all i was pleasantly pleased with the fair and the people and would defiantly imagine myself hoping to be involved in the future.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Creo Ergo Sum

I took a trip to the Manchester Arts And Crafts Centre today whilst doing a spot of shopping and was delighted to see a new product designer had occupied one of of the upstairs studio's. The obscure shaped lampshade in the window caught my eye straight away, yet unfortunately the studio had been closed as I presume they had nipped out for lunch due to the time of my visit. Consequently I looked on the internet and found that the studio belonged to the product design company Creo Ergo Sum, specialising in creating up cycling contemporary products.
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