Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

My Canvases

To add the the lovely canvas of Audrey Hepburn my sister bought for me i added just a little creativity of my own and painted two canvases to be placed either side. I took a gothic approach to them and used up some left over wall paper. There not the best, and hardly something to be proud of but i was pleased with them for one afternoon's worth of painting. The fit nicely in my room and i like the richness of the colours.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Matthew Harris

Kazuhito Takadoi

My favourite from the Men Of Cloth Exhibition was the Japanese artist Kazuhito Takadoi. He uses plants in his work and his placement and subtle natural colours are so pleasing to the eye. WIth out being to feminine his work is a mixture of delicate lines and texture with simple bold Shapes. his work is so well considered and the placement of each element is perfectly precise creating a lovely balance and harmony within each piece. This purity and clean design is something i look to bring into my work Its clear how much time has been put into Kazuhito Takadoi's and i hope that made meets the same standard.

Men Of Cloth Exhibition

Today I visited the Waterside Arts Centre in Sale, my hometown. The current exhibition was Men Of Cloth, an exhibition of stitched textiles by selection of 6 male textile artists; Michael Brennand-Wood, Gavin Fry, Mater Harris, James Hunting, Colin Jenkins and Kazuhito Takadoi. The room was was small but adequate and the work was nicely present. each artists work was very different and all were well crafted and showed good skills.
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