Sunday, 25 July 2010

Michael Brennand Wood Workshop

After speaking to some fellow artistic friends, I had heard about this workshop at the Whitworth Art Gallery. Funded by the government to promote the cultural awareness for the 2012 london olympics, several museums and gallery's across the country were hosting event and workshops for the public. When I heard that Michael Brennand Wood was running the workshop at the Whitworth I jumped at the chance to sign up especially after looking at his work in previous project for inspiration. The workshop was very inspirational and helped my to improve my creative thinking. He was encouraging us all to work with any found objects and materials around us, using them in mays we mite to of originally thought of at first. The aim was to build up layers and shapes of a variety of materials, such as string, wire, wood and and odd looking things that mite of caught our eyers, and to then explore the idea of line. Working with the different materials was tricky at first, yet i enjoyed the challenge. After figuring out ways to combine the different materials, juxtapositioned against each other, I began to see links within my own work This helped me too see how I should be combining more elements within my designs in order to make them more individual, generating new ideas and get out of my reoccurring habit of repeating my work and

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