Friday, 23 July 2010

Dreamfest by constance Fearn

The exhibition that had been recommended to me, and went to visit at the Salford Museum and Art Gallery was Dreamfest by Constance Fearn. I hadn't heard of this artist before, but was pleased by her work. she drew inspiration from Pollocks free and energetic style paintings and liked to draw in continuous line by purring and squirting paint out of the tube straight on to the canvas, or sketchbook. This created these lovely delicate and raised lines. I particularly like her most resent work of the citys sky lines. I was inspired by the use of different and unusual medias she had used to create different surface, and the colours where so rich and luxurious. There was lots of line, shapes and textures in her work that all came together in a harmonious way complimented by the strong bold colours she had used. The subject matter in her work was something that I my self also find inspiring, yet haven't used as much as I would of like so far in my own work. Therefore, after seeing how Constance Fearn's work was complimented by the sky lines, I feel it important to take this theme as part of my primary research for any up and coming projects.

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