Sunday, 25 July 2010

Cornwall Open Studio's- Richard Holiday

Whilst on a family holiday in cornwall, and spending time browsing the endless amount of seaside galleries, I then came across a leaflet for the open studio events. luckily enough it was during the time of my stay. The open studio event is an annual event where the majority of all the artists and designers that are scattered across the beautiful settings in cornwall, open there studio's up to the general public. In the village of St Kervern, where I was staying, nestled in the woods down a small winding country lane was the studio of RIchard Holiday. His ultra modern home and studio was absolutely stunning and as his profession as a stone mason meant that he took a lot of pride from the hard work he put it to produce the elegant building. After wandering around his studio for a good half an hour I was impressed and inspired by both the the techniques he used and the high quality finish of his work. Richard was a friendly middle aged gentlemen an he began to talk me through both his life as a practitioner and his works on display. He had worked on a lot of commissions for councils around the country doing both restorations of old damaged stone work in large scale building, and been commissioned for public art work such as statues. This type of work was what he called his bread and butter work, the less creative side to his trade yet paid well. What he was more enthusiastic about where is wall art where he was able to work as creatively as he liked an along side with a client. It took him a while to get to where he was in his life and said it takes a lot of hard work to get to be able to do more of the creative work, he advised me to find a good balance between the commercial and personal work in order to keep doing something that you love.

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