Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

New Designers

On the 2nd of july me and a class mate took the time to travel down to london for the New Designers event held at the business design centre in london.

Inspiration - Roller coasters

Similar to the previous post, I had been immediately attracted to the close up images of roller coaster structures.

Inspiration - Cogs

I had found some lovely images on the internet of mechanical parts such as cogs an screws. I had recently visited the Science and Industry Museum and took lots of photo's in the energy section. what I found inspiring about these is the harsh lines and block shapes. I also found the infusion, in some machines, between the harsh rigid lines, blended with the smooth curves and intricate detail of the screws and bolts.

Floral Photographs

Luckily for me, for my 21st as an early birthday present, my parents decided to get me the Cannon 1000D digital camera. So I immediately got snapping away taking pictures of the flowers on display in me bedroom. The quality of the images are fantastic, it was the best lightly conditions at the time an neither the best subject matter but you can see how clear to images are even on close ups. This camera is a god send I am going to thoroughly enjoy doing some happy snappy for my work.

Inspiration - Graphic Florals

Similar to my own sketchbook work, here is a selection of gorgeous graphic floral images I found in the internet. What I feel works well in these images is how the simple lines and shapes are complimented by the vibrant colours, stopping the images looking to messy.

Tess Mccabe

I came across these images of the artist and graphic designer Tess Mccabe on one of the blogs I follow called The Design Files. I haven't really looked at her work before but after seeing these gorgeous screen prints on old wooden crates and boxes she is definitely someone I am going to research a bit more. After my previous fence project I have grown more an more interested in working with products and screen printing is something I want to look into doing. I feel as a medium it will compliment my sophisticated graphic style and would help me in looking at how to apply pattern to product one of the driving methods in my work so far.

Inspiration - Clock Faces

I found this lovely images of both modern and vintage faces and found them highly inspirational. The almost mechanical floral shapes in the modern images of the metal clocks similar to cogs has a very harsh sophisticates feel to it and something I'd like to try an bring in my own work. Infusing the soft florals with the harsh graphic lines and shapes.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Turkish loom

Whilst on holiday with a friend in Turkey, we took the opportunity to visit the one place thats left trying to keep the dying trade of hand made turkish carpet alive. Although these traditional carpets aren't something that I am normally to keen on, seeing the different ranges that are available and the quality of the carpets them selves, stood out to my attention. It took one highly skilled worker any where between 3 to 18 months to hand make a single carpet depending on the size. They all held a certain quality that was to those made by machines. There were many tradition patterns yet they had brought out a Kandinsky range that appealed to the more contemporary market.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Cornwall Open Studio's- Richard Holiday

Whilst on a family holiday in cornwall, and spending time browsing the endless amount of seaside galleries, I then came across a leaflet for the open studio events. luckily enough it was during the time of my stay. The open studio event is an annual event where the majority of all the artists and designers that are scattered across the beautiful settings in cornwall, open there studio's up to the general public. In the village of St Kervern, where I was staying, nestled in the woods down a small winding country lane was the studio of RIchard Holiday. His ultra modern home and studio was absolutely stunning and as his profession as a stone mason meant that he took a lot of pride from the hard work he put it to produce the elegant building. After wandering around his studio for a good half an hour I was impressed and inspired by both the the techniques he used and the high quality finish of his work. Richard was a friendly middle aged gentlemen an he began to talk me through both his life as a practitioner and his works on display. He had worked on a lot of commissions for councils around the country doing both restorations of old damaged stone work in large scale building, and been commissioned for public art work such as statues. This type of work was what he called his bread and butter work, the less creative side to his trade yet paid well. What he was more enthusiastic about where is wall art where he was able to work as creatively as he liked an along side with a client. It took him a while to get to where he was in his life and said it takes a lot of hard work to get to be able to do more of the creative work, he advised me to find a good balance between the commercial and personal work in order to keep doing something that you love.

Michael Brennand Wood Workshop

After speaking to some fellow artistic friends, I had heard about this workshop at the Whitworth Art Gallery. Funded by the government to promote the cultural awareness for the 2012 london olympics, several museums and gallery's across the country were hosting event and workshops for the public. When I heard that Michael Brennand Wood was running the workshop at the Whitworth I jumped at the chance to sign up especially after looking at his work in previous project for inspiration. The workshop was very inspirational and helped my to improve my creative thinking. He was encouraging us all to work with any found objects and materials around us, using them in mays we mite to of originally thought of at first. The aim was to build up layers and shapes of a variety of materials, such as string, wire, wood and and odd looking things that mite of caught our eyers, and to then explore the idea of line. Working with the different materials was tricky at first, yet i enjoyed the challenge. After figuring out ways to combine the different materials, juxtapositioned against each other, I began to see links within my own work This helped me too see how I should be combining more elements within my designs in order to make them more individual, generating new ideas and get out of my reoccurring habit of repeating my work and

Friday, 23 July 2010


As the end of the holidays draws closer and the reality of starting 3rd year in september daunts on me. I begin to think about doing some sketchbook work. I felt that I wanted to pursue the graphic style influences in my work so started doing some bold an absract graphic doodles of flowers. I was very pleased with these first few sketches. After receiving some constructive criticism in my last project of how my choice of motif may not have been as creative as I possible could have made it, I decided to build on my primary sketches in my summer sketchbook. So far i am pleased with my work. Iv taken a more hand drawn approach to get some organic shapes and textured lines, adding a little more depth and unique style to my drawings. I aim to pursue this even further throughout my future projects.

Dreamfest by constance Fearn

The exhibition that had been recommended to me, and went to visit at the Salford Museum and Art Gallery was Dreamfest by Constance Fearn. I hadn't heard of this artist before, but was pleased by her work. she drew inspiration from Pollocks free and energetic style paintings and liked to draw in continuous line by purring and squirting paint out of the tube straight on to the canvas, or sketchbook. This created these lovely delicate and raised lines. I particularly like her most resent work of the citys sky lines. I was inspired by the use of different and unusual medias she had used to create different surface, and the colours where so rich and luxurious. There was lots of line, shapes and textures in her work that all came together in a harmonious way complimented by the strong bold colours she had used. The subject matter in her work was something that I my self also find inspiring, yet haven't used as much as I would of like so far in my own work. Therefore, after seeing how Constance Fearn's work was complimented by the sky lines, I feel it important to take this theme as part of my primary research for any up and coming projects.

Salford Museum and Art Gallery

Today along with my best friend, i took the time to visit the Salford Museum and Art Gallery as we had both been told of an interesting exhibition there by a textile artist names Constance Fearn. It was my first visit to the gallery an until a few days before I hadn't even heard of it. This may have been due to it being small, however it didn't disappoint. It was situated between several university buildings and had good transport links into the centre of town. But if your a feeling as energetic I was that day You could always walk from Manchester, it took around 10 mins.
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