Saturday, 1 May 2010

Self Directed Breif

Naomi Obbard Self Directed Brief


Urban Jungle


To explore the idea of both rural and urban aesthetics, and how they can infuse together. I will be looking and the softness of the rural motifs mixed with the harsh urban structures and materials. I will address the problem of the lack of lush greenery and foliage within our cities and think about how I can incorporate this into the city landscape.


Primary research will be inspired and led from a series of floral drawings and photographs. I aim to produce a range of 4-6 digitally produced designs for a product outcome. Within my research I will aim to identify a specific product to apply my designs to.


Using the vinyl cutter I will produce a range of samples and experiments showing how my designs could be applied to a range of products – identified through my research. I will use the 3D department equipment to apply a range of applications to the products including: drilling, spraying, and cutting . . . etc. I will use a range of different materials such as glass, wood, Perspex and coloured plastic.


Together with the final 4-6 designs I will produce a series of visualizations that demonstrate how the product will be used.


Primary and secondary research

4-6 designs

Relevant blog posts

A range of samples and experiments

Final sample and presentation boards including visualisations

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