Thursday, 6 May 2010

Paper & Cloth Feed Back

On wedneday the 21st of aprill 2010 i was giventhe opportunity to present a seriese of 8 interior/ stationary designs to the owner of the sucessful surface design studio Paper And Cloth. This was the feed back i received -

  • you have a nice colour sense; this helps your designs to look realy professional.
  • you should be proud of the standard of designs that you have achieved. Great work and really good designs.
  • You have a good eye and have managed to get different tempos acrodd the range of designs.
  • Do your layout and repeats in illustrator next time as its much more reliable.
  • Your graphics are lovely, beautifully drawn and show an impressive use of illustrator.
  • This style is so clean and nice; it suits being done in illustrator.
  • Cuts outs and dot features show real creativity, it adds tempo and movement to the graphics.
  • you now need to add that WOW piece, take a risk and draw people in. For example look as Polish and Russian paper cut out idea's, create intricate designs to attract buyers.
  • Not as keen on the circles in the flower, the sunflowers has spiky edges, leave this out. some flowers are a little bit messy and just need tweaking.
  • When your layering, be conscious of where it gets really messy and create a more balanced design.
  • Resolve your pattern and texture.
  • Generally you have created contemporary and resolved designs.
  • Concerntrate on improving your illustrator techniques ( look at youtube tutorials)

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