Thursday, 18 March 2010

Walls Are Talking wallpaper exhibition at the Whitworth

After reading about the Walls are talking exhibition at the Whit worth art gallery it became a top priority on my to do list. Its the countries first exhibition of artists wallpapers and features around 30 artists such as Andy Warhol, Sarah Lucas and Damien Hirst. What i loved about this exhibition was that it wasn't just a celebration of the most fantastic, beautiful illustrative surface designs. Its more about the interaction between the wallpaper its self and how it affects the audiences feelings. The designs grouped around the themes of subversion, commodification, imprisonment and sexuality. I was stunned at how the artists had gone beyond the obvious commercial persona of wallpaper and taking further than just the flat pattern on interior walls. each design was created to provoke the audience and change there mood when on looking them. I also like the themes that the designers had looked for. Instead of the stereotypical themes of florals or geometric repeats of tessellating shapes. the introduction of social and cultural issues gave the wallpapers so much more interesting and appeal and the cleaver motifs of guns, face and body parts ( just to name a few) were all sophisticatedly balanced.

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