Thursday, 18 March 2010

Visiting Lecture - Lauren Moriarty

On the afternoon of 05/03/10 Lauren Moriarty came into my college to present to my class. She is a 3D textile and product designer with a heavy focus on new materials. Originally form Luthborough she then studied at Central St Martins. she know has her very own successful business creating innovative interior products ranging form lighting and cushions to blinds. what particularly stood out to be during her lecture was how enthusiastic about her work and other product designers. i found this very inspiring and feel its showed through in the quality of her work. lauren is very professional about the way she works and puts 110% into everything she does. she is constantly sourcing new material to work with an come up with new idea's for products that make her stand out from the rest.

I personally like Lauren's work as it has a very sophisticated style about it, its clean cut and finished off to a very high standard. her designs are simply yet work well with the shapes she created and the textures form the materials she uses. I also like how experimental her work is, the different materials she uses take her work to another level and instantly recognizable, this is something have found that alot of designers have told me to encourage how creative i am as a person is show though how much effort you ut it and how experimental you are in the beginning. she gave a lot of helpful advise and said a good staring point is to have good quality images (preferable 300dpi) of you work ready to send out to magazine companies and researchers that may publish them just to get you noticed.

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