Thursday, 18 March 2010

Visiting Lecture - Lauren Moriarty

On the afternoon of 05/03/10 Lauren Moriarty came into my college to present to my class. She is a 3D textile and product designer with a heavy focus on new materials. Originally form Luthborough she then studied at Central St Martins. she know has her very own successful business creating innovative interior products ranging form lighting and cushions to blinds. what particularly stood out to be during her lecture was how enthusiastic about her work and other product designers. i found this very inspiring and feel its showed through in the quality of her work. lauren is very professional about the way she works and puts 110% into everything she does. she is constantly sourcing new material to work with an come up with new idea's for products that make her stand out from the rest.

I personally like Lauren's work as it has a very sophisticated style about it, its clean cut and finished off to a very high standard. her designs are simply yet work well with the shapes she created and the textures form the materials she uses. I also like how experimental her work is, the different materials she uses take her work to another level and instantly recognizable, this is something have found that alot of designers have told me to encourage how creative i am as a person is show though how much effort you ut it and how experimental you are in the beginning. she gave a lot of helpful advise and said a good staring point is to have good quality images (preferable 300dpi) of you work ready to send out to magazine companies and researchers that may publish them just to get you noticed.

BellyButton Designs

Drawing Development

Future Fashion Trends

Future Interior Trends

Habitat & Heels

Paper Chase

Alan Flechter exhibition at the Cube Gallery

Whilst in Manchester one day i took the opportunity to visit the Alan Fletcher exhibition at the Cube Gallery in Manchester. fletcher is a highly successful graphic designs with a list of clients longer than my leg and an outstanding portfolio of work. I hadn't known much about the designer himself before i visited the exhibition

Walls Are Talking wallpaper exhibition at the Whitworth

After reading about the Walls are talking exhibition at the Whit worth art gallery it became a top priority on my to do list. Its the countries first exhibition of artists wallpapers and features around 30 artists such as Andy Warhol, Sarah Lucas and Damien Hirst. What i loved about this exhibition was that it wasn't just a celebration of the most fantastic, beautiful illustrative surface designs. Its more about the interaction between the wallpaper its self and how it affects the audiences feelings. The designs grouped around the themes of subversion, commodification, imprisonment and sexuality. I was stunned at how the artists had gone beyond the obvious commercial persona of wallpaper and taking further than just the flat pattern on interior walls. each design was created to provoke the audience and change there mood when on looking them. I also like the themes that the designers had looked for. Instead of the stereotypical themes of florals or geometric repeats of tessellating shapes. the introduction of social and cultural issues gave the wallpapers so much more interesting and appeal and the cleaver motifs of guns, face and body parts ( just to name a few) were all sophisticatedly balanced.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Monday, 15 March 2010

Jenny Bland

On the 14/03/2010 I was lucky enough to be asked to work along side interior product designer Jenny Bland at her studio in Chester. I was inspired by her designs and the bold shape structures t her products, combined wth the linerier texture. I found out about Jenny when I heard about a workshop she was running at the craft center in Manchester. yet as i was unable to attend due to my part time job I then took it upon myself to email her asking about any other workshops she mite have in the near future that I may be able to attend. On her reply she then invited to me to assit and observe her at ther studio to work on her recent commissions. I will also be doing this for the next 2 sundays of this month.

Jenny Bland is a new interior products designer maker who graduated only 1 year a ago from Manchester Metropolitan university. After a great success from her exhibition at New designers following her graduation she soon took off as a designer and with some orders of her unique lamp shades she was able to set up her own studio. Within a year

Rachel Taylor

I have been looking at several up and coming successful surface designers. Rachael Taylor is one of the ones i found most inspiring.she graduated in 2005 from leeds Met uni with a BA (hons) in textile an fashion design. Her
first solo exhibition called 'stitched' in 2006 at the Brahm Gallery Leeds.

I am strongly influenced by Rachael Taylor's designs i feel what works so well with them is the bold and vibrant colours, along with the clever placement of the motifs. i feel there is a depth created within her design created by the textures

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Sarah Morris

when I came across the graphic designer i absolutely fell in with her cleaver way of using bold shapes and colours.

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