Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Visiting Lecturer - Helen Latimer

Helen Latimer, a freelance fashion designer gave a talk to my class in college today. Although at this stage fashion design isnt something that appeals to me as a future career I still went along as i feel in beneficial to look beyond just my interests in interiors and stationary and see what advise as a freelance designer she mite have. She Graduated from doing fashion design she has since gone on to work for companies such as Umbro, Ring spun, Focus International, United Textiles and Cotton Traders. she talked mainly about her portfolio and how to improve your portfolio when taking it to interviews. in hers she had variety of pieces of work and said that its good to show how you can apply yourself in different ways all to a high standard and show off all your skills as a designer. don't just take finished designs or products, show that you can draw as this is a fundamental skill in the design industry. Show that you have a clear understanding of you work ad how it would be applied show size's and measurement ad that you can visualize the structure or repeat. all these will help improve your portfolio and show of your kills better to a company as its clear of what your knowledge is and that they wouldn't have to train you up.

She did them go on to talk about fashion design and the technicalities to garment structures and the problems you incur when designing for fashion which was a little less relevant to me however on the whole her talk was extremely helpful and the 2 key points of advise she gave was to not file away inspiration. always refer back to imagery you find inspiring and keep it on show at all times other wise you will forget it and you designs will lack excitement. lastly is that she works mostly with illustrator, ad that most of the companies she has worked for prefer this program as it is better quality. This isn't the first time i heard this advise and is something to think about using in my work more often both to improve the quality of my work and my skill in the program if its something i will inevitably be using when i graduate.

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