Saturday, 27 February 2010

Trend Report

Naomi Obbard

Trend reports

To begin with what I wanted to bring forward to you, after researching both current affairs and trend predictions is the fact that 2010 marks the 200-year anniversary of Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile. According to ‘trends blog’ and other sources this is set to have a big influence on surface pattern design bringing to it a variety of inspiring cultural aspects such as Ikat and tie dying. Madeline Weinrib, who’s work is featured on the below, is a well known surface designer that has a strong tribal folk feel to her designs created by the method of Ikat dying. A big tribal folk, ethnic theme is set to top the patterns in the near future and colours such as rich reds, blues greens and yellows will be vibrantly penetrated the design world. Leading on from this, indigo resist is yet another future trend prediction in the textile, surface pattern industry that’s is linked in with the South American tribal feel. Indigo is an eye catching blue, and reportedly said to be the new black, this work well in furnishings with resist techniques such as batik. To add to the whole ‘blue is the new black’ water effects are on the rise in textile design for 2010. After the increase in deep-sea exploration as scientific researchers are looking to the oceans for answers to human problem. T he amazing discoveries & species are also inspiring the work of artists, fashion designers, product designers & interior designers who are incorporating water effects into their work. Led and lighting along with origami, pleating and folding are also strong contesters in what are influencing the designers of today.

The floral Drawing Project brief requires one to work within 2 of 4 areas: Fashion, Kids, Interiors, and Stationary. I have selected Fashion and interiors as the basis of my project. I began extensive research on current and future trend predictions in these two area’s and others area’s surrounding these such as stationary and gift wrap. To begin with what I found as one of the more inspiring trend predictions was ‘Urban Jungle’ found on an interior trend forecasting blog.

Above is a selection on images reflecting this trend. An infusion of the subtlety and softness of nature, against the hard edges, and ruggedness of city landscapes. Blending the sharp, blunt protruding urban arena with the delicateness of the organic floras’ and wildlife the rural aesthetics. This has been driven by, the increasing population and increase of space. Drawing in the necessity to introduce the rural values into the every growing cities making a better co-existence.

“Hypernature transports the freshness of nature to the big city

Here, fresh, urbane colours are combined with shades of smog. This brings a new strength and energy to city life and creates harmony involving sensuality and innovation. Hypernature builds on transparent materials with natural fabrics like soy and bamboo. Thanks to the use of tone-on-tone embroidery, Beneficial innovations gives somewhat modern, rational elements a hint of warmth and is sensual and ingenious as a result. In Organotech a touch of freshness makes the symbiosis with nature evident. Hybrid materials bring more poetry to the furnishings, creating shadow effects through the layering of fabrics and light. Layering reality transports a creation consisting of soft, bright, luminous structures, layers and delicate sensory illusions, the emphasis here being on bringing reality and poetry closer.”

This quote found on the cosmoworlds trendsetter website, influenced by what was publizied at Heimtextil strongly links in with the earlier prediction I had found, and I feel that this is something I feel enthusiastic about to bring into my work.

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