Thursday, 25 February 2010

Spring Fair 2010 - Birmingham NEC

On the 09/03/10 I attended the Spring Fait hosted at the Birmingham NEC. Over 71, 000 buyers attended Spring Fair this year sourcing products from thousands of exhibitors. It is one of the most important events of the year for designers companies and crafts people ranging form fashion, jewelery, interiors, greetings and stationary. The NEC is a large venue and the spring fair event takes up the whole of it. I focused mainly on just exploring both the stationary and interior sectors of the events, as i was only able to attend on the one day and had limited time to explore the event. I was very impressed and taken back my the vast amount of designers our there all with there own individual style the competition in the stationary and greetings card industry is vast, yet after speaking to several of the exhibitors they said its is a good industry to get as in the current economic climate its one of the few industries that is vastly growing.

After spending hours strolling up and down the isle and studying each stand well i had discovered a few themes thats were apparent in the designs. Bright tropical colours seemed to be a a strong aspect to a lot of the designs, there were still some pastel shades in collections yet these were limited. Topical pinks and purples ran through out different stands and where the key colours thats brought collections together. Russian dolls and folk art where a popular theme in some collections. what i found and liked most was that most card designs seemed to be limited and minimal complimenting the bright colours. Silhouettes and flat shapes were key motifs and i some designs were taken further by adding cut out to the deign which seemed to be another increasing aspect in the greetings card sector and gave some of the designers and edge to there work which seemed to attract more buyers to there stands.

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