Sunday, 11 October 2009


1 Exchange Sq
Manchester, M3 1BD
0870 837 7377

Selfridges is one of the most high end department stores in Britain. its has only four exclusive shops across the whole of the country an 2 of those in Manchester. It sells the most sort after high street fashion along with the top named brands across a wide range of products. established in 1909 by the American Gordan Selfridges, he opened up the first store on Oxford Street London and there for out the street on the world wide retail map.

Situated at the top of the Manchester store is the ladies casual department selling mainly high street fashion. Topshop is one of Britain's most successful high street brad an is lucky enough to sell there brand within selfridges. Within this department are a number of other labels such as Kookia and Warehouse. There is a younger and more funky and fun atmosphere within this department in comparison to ladies fashion. however this is to suit the more younger clients that wil shop in this department. the decor is vibrant and query with mirrors and manikins dotted all over the department covered in an eclectic mix of fashionable items. the store has worked well in providing the lesser high quality fashion u mite of found in the ladies fashion department where the clientele would have been the wealthier upper class woman looking for a smarter range of clothes. to create a fun and funky environment to suit the fashion and the younger clients that will be attracted by the high street brands on sale.

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