Sunday, 11 October 2009

Fred Aldous (laser workshop)

Fred Aldous was established in 1886 on Elbow Street, Manchester by a gentleman named Fred Aldous. Its a Family run business provided good quality arts and craft materials. The shop is located in the Northern Quarter of the city which is a prime location as the area is the most up an coming area of the city. its popularity is growing with students and the creative. It is also close to the Manchester arts and craft center where some of its resident regularly use the facilities available. The shops produce cover everything from sewing and painting, to candle making and leather work. Not only this but Fred Aldous also offers a range of facilities from photography, printing and laser cutting. in addition to our project at university, we as a class were taken to the shop for a demonstration on how the laser cutter works.

As shown below is the laser cutter in action, we were asked to create a simple motif to take to the workshop in order for us to see more clearly how it works and the out come u get from it. the demonstration lasted about an hour and was given by a member of staff at Fred Aldous. i was impressed with the speed of the laser it cuts through materials within a matter of minutes. its cable of cutting through a range of materials and in the demonstration we were shown it cutting through: mirror, felt, wood, paper, acrylic and cardboard. The quality is of a very high standard. It smooth and flawless i was very impressed with the laser cutter and would seriously consider using it in my current and future project because of both the quality of the cut, the range of materials it can be used with and the time it takes to produce which could be extremely helpful with it being in such a close location to home. All the materials are available to by at the shop its self but you are welcome to bring any materials in of your own and they will run a trial sample 1st to see if it will work.

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