Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

On the 22-25th of October, spinning fields in Manchester hosted the second anual contemporary craft fair. As part of my course I worked at this craft fair as a volunteer to gain experience in the work place and meet the contemporary designer makers.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Christmas Car Designs

Here are my 4 most successful christmas cards designs. In my opinion the colours palate is very suitable for a corporate card. the balance of the graphic shapes and blocks of colour work in harmony together i feel the designs come together strongly creating a successful collection of sophisticated designs.


This image above is one that I found whilst looking at existing card design, its by a successful greetings card company from San Francisco called Redbean. what i particularly liked about these designs are the limited colour palette. It compliments the simplistic style an bolds shapes within the design. They have blended both dark atmospherical colours with sharp modern graphics. The Redbean studio also produces not only greeting cards but modern wall art which also have these bold themes running thought them. I feel that the harshness of the silhouettes is the strongest feature in the design and is something i would like to bring to my own card design as it will work well with both my style as a designer and the colour palette we have been given tow work with.

Christmas card brief

An Anual competition put forward to all of the surface design students at Stockport College, is to design the colleges corporate christmas card. I began to research existing contemporary designs, what I found was that there was an overall simple aspects to nearly almost ever card design as u can see from the image above. This helped inspire me into what kind of style and approach I was going to take to this brief. As I was given a limited time scale, I though it best to use patterns from the previous project I had been working on.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Inrerior Design

This image above is what i think to be my most successful design that i produced for me most recent project in college. The project was a 2D pattern based project where we had to come up with a selection of designs for both interiors and fashion. my work was extremely inspired but the bold shapes, silhouettes, gothic prints and designers such as Barbara Huliniki . I worked in a simple colour palate of black, white and grey as this complimented my bold, graphic patterns. Overall i felt that my designs fitted interiors better than fashion. what i particularly like about the design above it the feeling of depth created within a felt design by the transparency used. the harsh design is complimented by the simple colour palate and its exudes and contemporary sophisticated style.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Cherry Tenneson (vynal workshop)

Cherry Tenneson is a sign maker and artist working mostly with the vinyl she was kind enough to spare her time and give us a talk on how working with vinyl a work as a sign maker has inspired her art work. Most of her work is very narrative and is in some ways mocking either an existing piece of work or an issues in today's society such as politics. i was impressed with her work i feel we are similarly inspired by peoples work such as Donald Judd and have a passion of the quality of work that vinyl us cable of giving.

Fred Aldous (laser workshop)

Fred Aldous was established in 1886 on Elbow Street, Manchester by a gentleman named Fred Aldous. Its a Family run business provided good quality arts and craft materials. The shop is located in the Northern Quarter of the city which is a prime location as the area is the most up an coming area of the city. its popularity is growing with students and the creative. It is also close to the Manchester arts and craft center where some of its resident regularly use the facilities available. The shops produce cover everything from sewing and painting, to candle making and leather work. Not only this but Fred Aldous also offers a range of facilities from photography, printing and laser cutting. in addition to our project at university, we as a class were taken to the shop for a demonstration on how the laser cutter works.

As shown below is the laser cutter in action, we were asked to create a simple motif to take to the workshop in order for us to see more clearly how it works and the out come u get from it. the demonstration lasted about an hour and was given by a member of staff at Fred Aldous. i was impressed with the speed of the laser it cuts through materials within a matter of minutes. its cable of cutting through a range of materials and in the demonstration we were shown it cutting through: mirror, felt, wood, paper, acrylic and cardboard. The quality is of a very high standard. It smooth and flawless i was very impressed with the laser cutter and would seriously consider using it in my current and future project because of both the quality of the cut, the range of materials it can be used with and the time it takes to produce which could be extremely helpful with it being in such a close location to home. All the materials are available to by at the shop its self but you are welcome to bring any materials in of your own and they will run a trial sample 1st to see if it will work.


1 Exchange Sq
Manchester, M3 1BD
0870 837 7377

Selfridges is one of the most high end department stores in Britain. its has only four exclusive shops across the whole of the country an 2 of those in Manchester. It sells the most sort after high street fashion along with the top named brands across a wide range of products. established in 1909 by the American Gordan Selfridges, he opened up the first store on Oxford Street London and there for out the street on the world wide retail map.

Situated at the top of the Manchester store is the ladies casual department selling mainly high street fashion. Topshop is one of Britain's most successful high street brad an is lucky enough to sell there brand within selfridges. Within this department are a number of other labels such as Kookia and Warehouse. There is a younger and more funky and fun atmosphere within this department in comparison to ladies fashion. however this is to suit the more younger clients that wil shop in this department. the decor is vibrant and query with mirrors and manikins dotted all over the department covered in an eclectic mix of fashionable items. the store has worked well in providing the lesser high quality fashion u mite of found in the ladies fashion department where the clientele would have been the wealthier upper class woman looking for a smarter range of clothes. to create a fun and funky environment to suit the fashion and the younger clients that will be attracted by the high street brands on sale.

House Of fraser

Fulljblkbm lk

98-116 Deansgate
M2 2QG

situated in the heart of the city center, yet on the more sophisticated side of town, House Of Fraser is a department store with 63 stores across the country. it was founded in 1849 in Glasgow Scotland as a small drapery store, and since then has
grown nation wide and become one the the most recognize high end department stores most popular with the wealthier. it house a wide range of well known Brands such as Channel, Dior, Apple, Calvin Klein, Miu Miu and many more. the products range from home interiors, lady's fashion, make up and electrical goods.
On the whole the store has a very sophisticated style running through out each department inside. It remains bright and spacious and is very clean. situated on the 4th floor in the home ware range. The decoration within this department is slightly more subtle compared to others yet, this works well with the products they are selling showing them off against an almost blank canvas to see how they would be suited in any home. the quality of goods available are very high and the price range is suitable for the more exclusive products. the main brand the store sells is Laura Ashley. This designer produces countr
y style prints for the home and fashion with mainly floral designs and limited colour pallets they are both feminine and sophisticated.

The Whitworth Art Galley

The Whitworth Art Gallery
The Uni
versity of Manchester
Oxford Road
Manchester M15 6ER UK

The Whitworth Art Gallery is a grand building surrounded by beautiful parkland. It was founded in 1889, as The Whitwroth institute and, park, during the heroic period of Victorian philanthropy, and was originally a voluntary cultural, educational and technical institute making the memory of one of the northwest’s great industrials, Sir Joseph Whitworth. Its tall ceilings and grand d├ęcor of the entrance hall goes harmoniously with the historical exhibitions held within, providing the perfect setting for them. In addition to this, the gallery space upstairs has more spacious and modern elements. However each gallery flows seamlessly through to one another, creating a gentle feel. Along with the dimly lit rooms altogether it creates a calming era about the gallery. It is well situated close to the city centre and near to many good public transport links such as the metro link, buss services and the trains. All these making the gallery very easily accessible.

Putting On The Gliz

This exhibitio

This exhibitio
n features luxurious 18th century decorated leather, 19th century Japanese and French imitations, foils and other metallic finishes from the 1960s/70s, along with contemporary jeweled patterns that our ancestors might have envied. the room was fairly small and i thought the lighting was poor. Because if the value if the pieces of wallpaper being exhibited there wasn't much room to view them. the quality of the work on display was of a vary high standard and they had a variety of both historical and contemporary images to look at. It clearly shows the use of the different metals and golds that were used in the 19th century by the wealthier members of society, yet also shows example of contemporary design very similar to those previously yet at a much more affordable price. what i liked about this exhibition was how it showed the use of different materials used in wallpaper.

Thomas Wardle and Indian Ink

This exhibition mark the century of Thomas Wardle Death. it Exhibits his work and his fascination with the Indian printing styles and designs. It also has work of his own that was inspired by his travels and then made at with is own company in leek where he was born. It is clear in Wardle work that he was influenced by the far east designs as they we all very detailed patterns. the exhibition was much more beneficial to me when i visited the art gallery in relation the the Putting On The Glitz Exhibiton as there was a greater evidence of historical context. I felt that how it showed where his designs were influence by was much more successful.
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