Sunday, 27 September 2009

Sheffiled Millennium Gallery

Museums Sheffield: Millennium Gallery
Arundel Gate
S1 2PP

on the 18/09/09 i, along with my class mates visited the Millennium Art Gallery in Sheffield. the Gallery is well situated in the middle of the city center and right near to good public trans
port links such as the train, buses, and the metro link services. all these make the gallery easily accessible to many people around the country. The exterior of the building is mainly glass and very modern. I particularly liked the building and thought that it fitted well with its surroundings despite it being modern it blended in with the rest of the cities architecture. i feel that there was a great amount of natural light in side the main building. yet this was complimented by the dimmer exhibition rooms. However in the 4exhibition room each piece f art work was well light on its own drawing the audience it to look at it.

Out Of The Ordinary: Spectacular Craft

I visited two of the exhibitions that were currently on show at the Millennium Gallery, the first of which was Out Of The Ordinary: Spe
ctacular Craft. This exhibition is a collection of 8 contemporary artists all of whom place craft an the center of there work and have found new ways to transform the ordinary into artworks that are truly extraordinary. these 8 artists are as follows: Olu Amoda, Catherine Bertola, Annie Cattrell, Susan Collis, Naomi Filmer, Lu Shengzhong, Yoshihiro Suda and Anne Wilson. The Gallery were there work was exhibited was the largest exhibition space in the whole of the gallery. there was a great deal of space and was pleasantly lit. the exhibition flowed nicely and each artists work was separated by large white partitioning walls creating there individual spaces to showcase there work. The scale of the room was one of its main attractive factors. the high ceiling worked well with the arches and bare pipes yet it kept it modern and simple by everything being painted wait. this gave a blank canvas for the artists work to speak for its self. i felt this particular exhibitons was one of the interesting onnovative exhibitons i have seen to date. what i was very fonund of was the whide range of materials that the artists used. there's was installation pieces and sculptures along with laser etching, sewing and and welding and numerous other new technologies that the artists have explored all on show under one roof. i felt this exhibition was off a high standard and inspired me a lot.

Timorous Beasties Presents A Bird In The Hand

the second exhibition on show that i visited was Timorous Beasties Presents A Bird In Hand. at first impression i want excited by this exhibition, the room is self, the craft and design exhibion room, was infact small and there seemed to be little work on show. however the more time i spent to look at the work and each individual prints along side with reading a slight bit in the background of Timorous Beasties i soon came to be more interested in what was on show. Despite the room being on much a smaller scale to the first exhibition, the art work still worked well within the given space. it was a small rectangular shaped room that remained plane yet the simple yet monochrome colour scheme on the walls was suited the the size of the room. this worked well in presenting the artists work as well. the room had a very modern look about it which complimented the work on show that was in fact a modern take on Victorian aesthetics.

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