Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Linda Florence

Linda florence is a london based designer, who designs sophisticated bespoke wallpaper designs for both domestic and commercial interiors. she has a passion for pattern an combines graphic illustration with layering printing traditional textile and a whole rang of other media to create her sleek stylish designs.

"What would you say are the main influences on your work or style? Where do you draw inspiration?Everything and anything ;my work is a collage of pattern and shape from around my life. I have always been attracted to patterns. I love gathering scraps and finding new textures and materials. My imagery includes traditional Morris. I love drawing in the V&A archives, maze patterns, Bridget Riley paintings and also imagery from my childhood like Space Invaders and Pac Men."

"Which artists / designers / people you admire most?

Jim Lambie, Briget Riley, Do-Ho Suh, Robert Orchardson, Macintosh, Morris, Timerous Beasties, Concrete Blond, Zaha Hadid, Giles Deacon, Basso and Brook"

These two quotes above i gathered from her website

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