Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Christmas card competition

During my first semester at stockport college this academic year, studying contemporary textiles, my class was commissioned by the principal to design the colleges corporate Christmas card. I submitted several designs, yet i was lucky enough for this design on the left to be selected, alongside one of my class mates designs to be printed,
as the colleges official corporate Christmas card. I feel my design has a very sophisticated style, yet manages to keep a traditional element with the star.

vinyl wall decorations

I found this website that had vinyl wall decorations jus like whati had work with in my last project in college, it was good to see how they would look in the home interiors.

Naomi Obbard, the biggining!

This is the start of me an my blog i hope i have set it all up well
an i shall be posting info on here very soon hopefully, if i figure out what to do.
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